CEO of ACES Project & Amazing Parent Gems

I have got to let you know that the greatest life changing event was our consultation. You made me less body conscious and aware of how to wear clothes that bring out the best of me- inside and out! If anyone told me that someone's life could dramatically change from one consultation, I would shout 'fake news' but my experience is a testament that you are the 'super stylist'.

Thank you for today! I can't recall the last time (if ever) I spent so much time trying on clothes, finding great pieces and detoxing my wardrobe.

You are an AMAZING stylist. You've ignited an interest in clothes that I've never really had.


Banking Director

To be honest I have been amazed at the transformation. I am now aware of colours that suit me and my personality. In fact anytime I wear my colours, I actually receive huge compliments. So far these have been received just with me wearing the same old clothes from my wardrobe.  

This has increased my confidence in myself and now I feel more equipped to go shopping. I wished I had done the “styling” session at the same time so that I would be totally transformed! However even with one change, I am totally impressed.


☺Your talk reminded me that making the most of my image is Godly and helpful in all areas of life. It reminded me not to settle for clothes that are OK, but that there are styles of clothing out there that look great on me! Very encouraged!


Mumpreneur - Publicist & Head of the “Publicity Concierge”

It's true people, if your work relies on engaging with people face to face, giving off the right messages with your attire is important. 

You never have a second chance to make a first impression.

Since working with Bukky I finally know my colors and know that when I show up in my colours, I feel more confident and people buy into me more.

Contact Bukky today! You won't regret it. A year on, I know exactly what to buy and what to avoid to look my best at any size. 😍



 I thought you presented the information really well, and I really liked the way you tied it back into our image in God first and foremost.



We had a consultation; we did the colour and shape analysis. Prior to that session, I wasn’t clear about the best colours to complement my skin tone and personality. During the session, we identified my palette and shape. We also did a wardrobe detox as I still had clothes from my uni days that I was loyal to ☺ This session transformed my styling.

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