Rabuna Style – My Take on BODY CONFIDENCE #Stylingyouforsuccess

As humans, we are always trying to do our best, to do more, to be more… Women can be particularly hard on themselves, especially when it comes to how we look. However, there is nothing to be gained by putting yourself down. Rather than use negative phrases such as, “I don’t like my arms” or “my legs are too chunky”, I prefer to work with the figure I do have, styling my outfits to make the best of areas I’m not too pleased about, or exercising to get them looking how I want.

Nobody is perfect, yet we are all perfect just as we are. Even so, most women, including me, have particular parts of their body with which they’re not happy. I am a size 10, yet I still have three particular parts of my body I’m slightly more “conscious” about. Here they are, and here’s what I do about them:

  • My upper arms

I would love them to be more toned but due to me not exercising they aren’t, so I hardly ever expose them. When I buy blouses, dresses or have anything made it is always with a sleeve that covers my upper arm.

  • My collarbone

Someone once told me that my collarbone, which is very prominent, makes me look ‘anorexic.’ While I’m far from that, it has made me somewhat self-conscious, so I prefer to wear tops or dresses with a high neck, pussy bow tops, boat neck tops, crew neck t shirts. Essentially, anything that covers my neckline will do… and I “style it out”!

  • My booty

This is my ASSet, as I call it. Being of African descent I am well endowed in that area; even though the rest of me is a size 10, my bum is a generous 12-14. I am a classic pear shape, so would typically wear non-clingy fabrics on my bottom half, A-line skirts or dresses, longer tops/ tunics with leggings or skinny jeans, avoiding anything that further accentuates my bum.

In conclusion I’d like to urge you to put a positive spin on the areas of our body you are more conscious about. Work out how best to style these areas and rock your confidence as the best possible you!

As for me, I’m off to the gym to tone those arms…

If you have areas affecting your body confidence and would like help figuring out your best styles, please contact me…It would be a pleasure to serve you.

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Bukky Ayoade

Bukky Ayoade is a Stylist to Senior Professionals, Business Owners & Ministry Leaders. She is passionate about empowering women, help them to look and feel great by showing them how to dress and style their unique bodies. She believes that great style breeds confidence and success and is on a mission to make that happen for her clients. Contact Bukky or find her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for more styling tips and advice.

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