I want to address a misconception I believe there is out there about Styling!  A lot of people think it is just about altering your outer appearance, and whilst that may be one of the results of styling it definitely entails a whole lot more


For me, Styling is about empowering women! Giving them the tools to be the best versions of themselves that they want to present to the world.

  • It is taking a woman robbed of her esteem by an abusive partner to a place of confidence where she steps out “owning” who she is.
  • It is taking a woman who hides away wearing black to a place where she unapologetically wears lovely shades of colour that suit her and looks fabulous!
  • It is about helping women experience change in their lives.

So this is what I am about!  Styling is beyond a change to the outward appearance but about helping address the deep seated insecurities we may face as women during the course of our lives. It is about embracing women and saying “…Come what may, you are beautiful, fabulous, amazing, gorgeous”

Let’s put you in the right colours and clothes that suit your unique body and tell the world who you are!


Here’s what one of our clients says

“Bukky, I have got to let you know that the greatest life changing event for me this year was our consultation. You made me less body conscious and aware of how to wear clothes that bring out the best of me- inside and out! If anyone told me that someone’s life could dramatically change from one consultation, I would shout ‘fake news’ but my experience is a testament that you are the ‘super stylist’”


This is what drives me; to make life changing impact on women’s lives! Image is definitely more than clothes, dressing up & makeup

So may I ask?  Are you ready for more confidence, do you want to look & feel amazing, do you need a boost or do you know someone that does? There is help out there

I’d like to know your thoughts, has this changed your view of Styling? Pls share in the comments below

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Bukky Ayoade

Bukky Ayoade is a Stylist to Senior Professionals, Business Owners & Ministry Leaders. She is passionate about empowering women, help them to look and feel great by showing them how to dress and style their unique bodies. She believes that great style breeds confidence and success and is on a mission to make that happen for her clients. Contact Bukky or find her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for more styling tips and advice.

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