How to add instant “WOW” to your outfits! – The “Tomato Red” Edit

Hi Everyone

I hope you’re enjoying the Summer? Big shame it’s disappeared this weekend in the UK but if you are reading this from anywhere else and have the sun, lucky you!

I’ve been looking to see what’s new & takes my fancy, so I can share some nice trends and pieces with you.  It was lovely  to find there is a “Tomato Red” trend out there at the moment.

So why Tomato Red? I hear you ask, well it’s because red is a bold and vibrant colour that adds instant “WOW” to any outfit!   If tomato red suits your natural colouring and you can wear it, great! Otherwise you can add pops of colour to your outfits using red bags, sandals, boots etc.

Here’s my “Tomato Red” Edit for you with links on where you can pick up the pieces too, so you’re bang on trend!


Gucci Handbag                  Topshop Ankle Boots

M & S Dress                        DP Pleated Skirt

Whistles Blouse                 Topshop Block heels

So there you have it, please go add some WOW to your outfits this weekend and beyond.  I’d love to hear how you get on.  Comment, like, share and tell us what you think.

Till next time….. Stay Stylish!

Bukky ~ RabunaStylist with Love Xx

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Bukky Ayoade

Bukky Ayoade is a Stylist to Senior Professionals, Business Owners & Ministry Leaders. She is passionate about empowering women, help them to look and feel great by showing them how to dress and style their unique bodies. She believes that great style breeds confidence and success and is on a mission to make that happen for her clients. Contact Bukky or find her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for more styling tips and advice.

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