You Are Enough -or- Why You Don’t Need To Make Resolutions This Year

In our modern society, we are often told we need to be more. To do more. To get more. Drink more water, eat more fruit, do more exercise, buy more things, lose more weight. But what if I were to tell you: YOU ARE ENOUGH.

At this time of year, it’s tradition for people to make resolutions and work towards change in their lives. There’s nothing wrong with change when it’s done through choice, with acceptance and an open heart. However, change made with the caveat that ‘I should’ ‘I have to’ ‘I need to,’ leads to guilt when the we don’t get the results – the feeling that we’re not good enough because we can’t achieve our goals, no matter how unrealistic or difficult they might have been. So, instead of making resolutions that might lead to unhappiness, try something radical. Accept yourself for who you are: Proud, Graceful, Strong!  For the life that you’ve lived and all that you’ve done. Accept yourself first and then, if you choose to, you can make change.

It may sound strange coming from a stylist – the idea that what you have, what you are, is enough. You would think I would be someone who’d want you to buy more clothes, more shoes, more accessories, to achieve the look you desire. But I’m all about uplifting and empowering women, while working with what you already have; your body shape, your existing wardrobe, the colours you love that make you happy and look stunning, to create the best version of you, on your own terms. That’s what a stylist can do.

But this post isn’t about me – it’s about you, and all the things that you are, and all the things that you could be.   Easing yourself into the New Year is all about taking care of yourself, of taking the time to assess yourself and what you think you might need.  So forget the resolutions, relax and remember that right now, in this moment, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Wishing you a wonderful 2019 filled with blessings, joy and acceptance.

Xx Bukky



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Bukky Ayoade

Bukky Ayoade is a Stylist to Senior Professionals, Business Owners & Ministry Leaders. She is passionate about empowering women, help them to look and feel great by showing them how to dress and style their unique bodies. She believes that great style breeds confidence and success and is on a mission to make that happen for her clients. Contact Bukky or find her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for more styling tips and advice.

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